New bar spy - Curveball

Balham grows a pair of balls with this casual new eatery on Hildreth Street


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What they say:

Hildreth Street looks set to cater to Balham's casual diners this spring in London with the opening of Curveball. A brand new meatball and v-ball based restaurant, Curveball are not only boasting two floors with a basement cocktail bar to boot, they're mixing up the art of meatballs with everything from potato rosti balls down to prawns in balls of shredded, crispy pastry. 

What we say:

Goodness, gracious, great balls of... chorizo. We all know the humble meatball, but it looks as though Curveball want to do just that, curve your understanding of the European dish. From croquette balls and potato rosti balls down to lamb balls and prawn balls with Japanese togarashi spice, not only do Curveball look to be offering quite the broad range of ball, they're pairing it with cocktails conjured in the basement.