Sometimes we graft really hard here at DesignMyNight. Other times, we sample cocktails and get to call it work. Yeah, we're jammy. So it was with potent pleasure that we headed down to cool London City bar, The Folly this week, to check out their latest mixology masterpieces. First up was their utterly enchanting Fairytale Menu, filled with all sorts of novel names like Princess in the Tower (served with iced gems on the side), Prince Charming and Love Potion #9.

While we were were expecting something pink and glittery, we were met with an altogether more refined collection of beautifully presented bespoke drinks. From Aesop's Fable, a rich berry number in its very own Apothecary bottle, to George's Mervellous Medicine, which tastes like it sounds, with a poppy seed bite, but somehow leaves you wanting more. The Sugar Plum Fairy was a particular treat with a rather indulgent surprise floating in the glass, and Flowery Godmother, a decidedly rosey gin mojito. 

Tough to pick the fairest of them all, but the Sugar Plum Fairy was up there... 

Next up was the Christmas cocktail collection - yes we were still standing, but only just. While we tasted a whole array of fruity, cinnamony deliciousness, there were two stand-out festive tipples for me. Santa's Milk & Cookies, is a chocolate chip take on the White Russian, with a biscuitty treat on top, I'm sure Mr Claus wouldn't mind finding one of these little beauties when he lands in your living room this year. Next up was the Fig Old Fashioned (pictured at the top), a chic nod to the season, that's pretty dang potent, but goes down easy. 

The enchanting cocktail menu is a snug fit with The Folly's whimsical features. 

All in all, The Folly's latest offerings are pretty special, they've got style, they've got substance, and they've got something for every palate. And we know, because we tried every last one of them. The things we do for our readers, eh?