Whilst Guinness is the world's most famous stout, a number of smaller and more independent producers are equally out there and Indie Ales have set out to prove it. Fittingly choosing to do this on St Patrick's Day, they'll be hosting a whole day of tastings at The White Horse in Parson's Green. 

Try some of the best stouts and porters London has to offer.

Despite the fact St Patrick's Day is usually associated with Guinness, Indie Ales have taken the day to promote the more lesser-known brands and reveal the vast diversity of stouts and porters currently out there. A British invention that Arthur Guinness manage to perfect, it's a positive sign and furthers the UK's resurgence in the specialist brew.

For £22.50, enjoy 6 tastings of local London produce, lessons to teach you how to judge beer, and a number of cheese and meat platters to enjoy with your drinks.

Nonetheless, it's still St Patrick's Day and guests are encouraged to wear green, bring shamrocks, oversized hats and your best Irish accent. A few pints of Guinness will be thrown in as well, just for good measure. A unique take on the iconic event, head on down to The White Horse the 17th of March to taste the very best of British stouts and porters.