Madame Noir: An interview with London's most elusive party vixen

London's most exclusive and seductive party romp, we got down to the bare bones with Nude Noir provocateur, Madame Noir, in an interview of plush party details and lush, hushed endeavours in the city.

First things first, who is Madame Noir?

This all depends on who's asking; presently it seems everybody wants to know. In truth, precious few know the true potential of this temptress, yet many yearn to. By day she moves within the circles of high society with ease and grace, by night within the decadent splendour and sexually charged space of her own house, the house of correction that is house of Nude Noir. Madame Noir is the ultimate femme fatale, hostess par excellence, ruler of The House of Nude Noir. 
It has become a tradition of late that every two months she throws these keenly awaited and visually breathtaking evenings to reflect her Noir fantasy. Each of her soirees is styled according to what is happening at the house at that time, incorporating moments, sequences and sensations designed to thrill her guests with visual splendour, drama and intensity.  Each evening is different as The House is full of secrets, scandals, tensions, seduction, mystery and extravagant intrigue. Thus the story continues, the narrative unfolds, and the house becomes a parchment upon which these tales of lust are inscribed. 

With your ‘Temptation’ party on its way, what influenced the upcoming theme?

The title speaks for itself. There is a shift in a mood at House of Nude Noir as winter creeps to spring. This time around the dashing Elliott, a man whose moral compass points due North, becomes infatuated by Elizabeth, aka Lady Nude. She wears the aspect of virginal purity with a certain self-knowing irony, surrounded as she is, by maidens of lust. Adored by Madame Noir, this gentle rosebud of pure innocence find her protection in The House. Let us examine Elliott Golding, this swarthy steely-eyed financier. Since entering The House he could barely set a foot wrong, with his frequent gestures of generosity to the House. That is, until now. In spite of himself, and indeed because of himself. Her innocence entices and beguiles him, and yes, as we all know, the flesh is weak. 

Elliot. Madame Noir watches from the eaves as you make your move. You know she is forbidden fruit, still untouched even by the Madame herself. 

If you could sum up Nude Noir in three words for our users and your upcoming guests, what would they be?

Seductive, Intriguing & Risqué .  

nude noir party london burlesque

Adoration, impressive antics and seduction go hand in hand at Nude Noir where live performances and sauntering shows reign supreme. (Photo credit: Pawel Przytocki)

Nights of Nude Noir are always resident in the most decadent of venues. What’s important in a venue when it comes to this unique party?

Decor of course, mood, texture of the fabrics, walls that could almost talk, corners full of mystery, floorboards that produce “that” sound when stepped on by killer heels. Location, as I find hosting Nude Noir around Kensington & Chelsea provocatively naughty and unexpected and yet so natural. Sound, ability to have different levels in different areas as I want people to talk and gossip and admire each other. It is hard to be in the seductive mode if you have to shout on someones ear n’est pas? But if your desire is to dance “our dance floor” area will keep you seduced by our deep sounds and you might miss all the shows until the moment when you realize you are part of the show. I can only blame my dear KosmetiQ for this, and my divine creatures. 

Burlesque has come on in leaps and bounds in London the last few years. With Nude Noir also featuring a ravishing set of burlesque beauties, why do you think this party trend has become so elusive and sought after?

Ah, yes, burlesque. I was never too keen on it. This is not what we do at Nude Noir. We create stories, fantasies and moments that take your breath away. We trigger your imagination and your mind does the rest. Thats the beauty of seduction. It just takes one question, one look, one touch to trigger your mind. I can only speak about Nude Noir, people are bored, people want more. They want to feel, they want to experience directly, they want contact with a performer. Not stage versus audience. At NN every corridor, every corner becomes the stage, and because of the dress code sometimes is hard to know who is an actor and who is just a guest; especially if guests dare to play the game and follow Madame’s orders and instructions. But even if they don’t , the idea is there, planted in their mind so their experience might be just a personal struggle within. As a critic put it, this is sophisticated, sensual promenade theatre at its finest. 

nude noir party event london

A wonderland of the fun and the fantastical, Nude Noir hope to be the most seductive of dream party weavers. (Photo Credit: Pawel Przytocki)

It certainly is that. The party is seemingly wicked and wonderful all at once, should we be quivering in our boots (or be cracking out the whip?)

The term Nude Noir reflects light & darkness, softness & hardness, surrender & control, male & female... these aspects coexist in all of us, it is up to you to make your choice. That contrast makes it even more seductive but in the end every experience is subjective and all we can do is stage a riveting show. Everything else has to do with persons state of mind, their mood and personal experience. This is why the masks are important. They give person an opportunity to either be their true self or alter ego..for that night only.  

Nude Noir is said to be influenced by the work of Helmut Newton. What was it about Newton’s risque photography that made it so provocative and pivotal for the party?

Beauty and that same opposite that we talked about, sophistication in a risqué manner. The simultaneous expressions of elegance and boldness. He developed the erotic high end fetish fashion oeuvre, and become known for it.

‘Leather and avant-garde’ are dress code recommendations. What would you say makes the perfect outfit for a night out at Nude Noir?

Outfits are very important as Madam Noir loves beauty and style. Her desire is to awaken that long lost excitement of getting ready for going out, buying the right dress, underwear, shoes and the pleasure of getting ready. She wants women to feel elegant, sexy, naughty, to be sensual and seductive, strong and gentle, confident & playful. After all, it is all about the women. Men are there to support. To be present, masculine and sharp in their black tie. Is there anything more irresistible? Couture dresses, lace, beautiful corsets, hats, masks, killer heels.. Madam wants them to become true noir femme fatales in their own right; to find and adapt a style that is synonymous with Nude Noir. 

If Madame Noir were to concoct her very own cocktail to sum up the event, what would the ingredients include, and why?

It will have to be "Blindfold Martini": vanilla vodka shaken with blueberry and raspberry puree, elderflower syrup, dash of cranberry, splash of lime juice and gomme syrup ,double strained, with a champagne float, served in a black martini glass, to drink blindfolded - of course. Unsurprisingly this was one of the most popular drinks at the Nude Noir 'Dubrovnik' cocktail lounge pop up last summer.

Finally, we couldn't let you go without asking about your upcoming Food Noir supperclub. Can guests expect something equally seductive from their evening meal? Perhaps a gothica styled 'Nyotaimori'?

Absolutely.. Food Noir.. supperclub with a twist a la Noir. This is a collaboration with a talented chef in seductive surroundings, featuring entertainment and music designed for each course, and many surprises throughout the evening. Dress code and roleplay will be key ingredients; and masks of course. Madame Noir remains, sensual elegance incarnate.

Tempted by Madame Noir's regaling of supreme party seduction? Then divulge in a little Temptation at Nude Noir's upcoming party, here.