There was me, in my 20s, thinking that I'd left a childhood of fairytales and abandon behind. The newest venue of Drake and Morgan's enchanting enterprise, The Fable in Holborn is the latest in darling drinking reverie. With my invite in hand and prepped for an evening of the fantastical, The Fable held up to its fairytale theme. 

A bustling location that boasted three floors, The Fable is clearly in line with Drake and Morgan's other venues. From an actual florist and boutique of kitsch wares, to bookcases laden with trinkets, The Fable had guests (including myself) gushing over their collectibles. Honestly, if ever there were a bar brand to invest in Instagram shares, it's likely to be Drake and Morgan.the fable cocktails review

A plush drinking den of whimsy and cocktails, The Fable came up trumps on their opening night.

Just to give some context, I am a sap for anything kitsch. So after seeing a lady supping from a mini potion bottle, I had to make it mine. Nabbing their signature, and rather petite, 'Aesop's Fable', my tart tastebuds went on a wild ride thanks to this mixture of cherry bitters and creme de menthe. This little number is pretty potent, but hits an amazing hair raising spot for those after an assault of flavour. But those a little sour shy needn't worry; their 'Sugar Plum Fairy' made for a sweet follow up thanks to a mixologist, adorned in a bowler hat and horns, rustling these up for guests.

Sweet touch you guys. Cocktails made for those that love a little whimsy, The Fable and surrounding area are sure to get along rather nicely if their opening night is anything to go by.