A cider and meat festival in one of Shoreditch's coolest venues, what more is there to ask for? That's right, the 15th of March The Cider Box will be hosting their very own festival throughout the day, offering a plethora of independently produced ciders and exquisite cuisine at the Queen of Hoxton.

Starting from noon and ending at 7pm, be one of the first to enjoy this year's fresh batch of Somerset Cider, from the likes of Hecks (a WigWamBam exclusive), Wilkins (a favourite of Joe Strummer) and even some Somerset Cider Brandy. With the sun making more of an appearance as well, the fact that this is taking place on the venue's roof further adds to the event's appeal.

Complimenting the fine selection of cider, will be a specially crafted menu by the fine folk from Queen of Hoxton offering such dishes as pork chops, apple laced sausages and a delicious vegetarian option. You'll also be taught by cider expert Peter Newton how to make award winning cider of your own, which will surely grab a few people's attention. 

There will also be a screening of the short film The Cider Makers by Graham Trott, focusing on the late Frank Nash, the world's oldest cider maker, who passed away in December 2013. Lastly, The London Orchard Project will also be in attendance, showcasing how to grow and harvest your own fruit in a city space. 

Tickets cost £15, which includes four halves and a food dish, and will run on the 15th of March between 12pm and 7pm.