Bartenders, some mothers do have 'em. While many may be inundated with the filtered fame that comes with getting the city's hoards half-cut, apparently there's just enough time to spare for a Mum, in between muddling, making and mixing. On the brink of Mother's Day in the city, we got to wondering how the ladies that made some of London's master bartenders get treated on the big day. Do they prop her by the bar? Or is she bewildered with bunches? We found out from some of the city's best:


Robin Honhold from White Lyan

"Mother's day is rarely a day I spend in the same city as my family, sometimes a phone call is all that is needed to put a smile on her face. And the flowers probably don't hurt either. Or the chocolates. Or the brandy. Most important is to set a calendar reminder to do all of that in time, I know that's the part which is most appreciated. Then sometimes I like to surprise her by calling on Australian Mother's day, and then on Russian mother's day, and any others I (or my other half who is WAY more on point) notice."

robin white lyan mothers day

(Photo Credit: Heralded for their chemistry inspired concoctions, White Lyan is an East London haunt where cocktails come with a must-drink dash of inspired science.


Mani Genovese from Purl

"I’m pretty simple even if I’m Italian, but on Mother's Day I “just” give her a big smile and big kiss and say to her how much I love her."

mani purl mothers day

Mani is a bartender heralded for off-kilter concoctions and bubblin' booze at Purl, a vintage inspired bar where award winning cocktails, bespoke silverware and luxe theatrics are key.


JJ Goodman from London Cocktail Club

"I love taking my mom to the oyster bar at J Sheeky! It's our favourite place together! I tend to send flowers on the day, but as my sister is now a mother too, I think I'll be taking them both out this year!"

jj goodman london

(Photo Credit: A man about liquid town, JJ Goodman is the head honcho at London Cocktail Club, one of the most talked about and creative cocktail bar groups in London.


Oskar Kinsberg from Oskar's

"I'm afraid I'm a shit son. Mum lives in Sweden so a phone call will usually have to do. The upside I guess is Mother's Day is on different days here and in Sweden so I can ‎wish her happy mothers day twice a year. She's equally surprised every time."

oskar kinsberg mothers day

(Photo Credit: Anna Shepard) Those hankering for a deluxe cocktails with a dash elegance of won't be hard pushed to find them at the hands of Oskar from Oskar's Bar at Dabbous.


Elliot Ball from Cocktail Trading Co.

"Well, last time we went to a whisky tasting, then paintballing, followed by a rib of beef and Expendables 3."

elliot ball

Is Elliot's mother set to enjoy another Mother's Day of paintball pummelling? A name with Shaker & Co infamy, Elliot Ball's nuzzling noggin is ever brimming with some of London's most forward thinking drinks.