Make The Most Of Summer In South London At This Peckham Rooftop Bar

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

rye society rooftop bar in peckham

Rye Society is a serious sunshine gem.

Bussey Building? You've heard of it.

The one with the rooftop cinema, the record shop, the rickety lift and the independent art events.

But wait, there's more.

Fresh for the summer, and serious about their sunsets, Rye Society have opened their doors for people looking to make the most of Peckham's rooftops.

Sitting pretty on the third floor, with plenty of benches and festoon lighting to go around, Rye Society are here for when the London weather reaches more than 15 degrees with a program of DJ nights, a menu of cocktails and list of burgers (think deep fried chilli brined chicken with sesame and gochujang mayo).

Your new favourite in the south?

Safe to say i'm keen.

Peckham rooftop bar Rye Society can be found at Roof D of The Bussey Building in Copeland Park.