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Animals frequently migrate underground in the winter, so why can't the cinema?

No, it's not the season to be jolly, it's the season to be snuggly, or so the London events roster goes. As the city's best winter events tell tales of rustic pop-ups and mulled wine meandering, there's another event in the city staking a claim on the unique. While not a movie venture on the tube, as the name might suggest (that would be slightly drab, but our money is already pegged on a stinky abandoned tube cinema venture, London'd bloody love that), Underground Film Club returns again this winter for another brilliant selection of cinema nights.

Introduced to London by the Rooftop Film Club team, Underground Film Club will be utilising Waterloo's enigmatic Vaults this season for their cult movie selection. From the heart rendering of Cinema Paradiso to that cutie patootie in Up, this historical Victorian space, brimming with theatre style seats, cocktails (Spirited Mixers) and street food, will showcase popular cinema at its finest in a great, if not slightly ramshackle location at that.

Host to movies for five nights a week from November 11th, a selection of screenings from this year's Underground Cinema Club include:

  • 'The Big Lebowski' on Sunday November 15 at 4pm
  • 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' on Saturday November 21 at 7pm
  • 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' on Saturday November 28 at 5pm

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