street feast london canary wharf opening

Street Feast may have upped sticks from Dalston, but there's a new East London site on the way. 

Giving it ever the welly when it comes to street food in London, Street Feast continue to gaggle and gargle at Hawker House, and they've tidied up on an industrial site in Dalston, but where to next for one of the biggest names in street vendors in London?

Headed to Canary Wharf in 2017, Street Feast are venturing a little further east for their next venue as over 10,000 square feet will soon be all theirs on a rooftop space in Crossrail Place. Noted as the fourth site in the Street Feast takeover, this hardy name shows no signs of slowing down as Londoners continue to claw at their beloved franchise of street food names and cocktail stands.

Looking for the opening? The Street Feast site will be headed to a rooftop at Crossrail Place (E14) at some time early next year.