Do These Shipping Containers House London’s Weirdest Immersive Experience?

Published . By Georgia Evans.

COMA Darkfield | London Immersive Experience | DesignMyNight

Enter the darkest parts of your mind at this unique immersive experience. 

Ever wondered what lurks in the dark, unexplored areas of your mind? Now you can take part in three intense immersive experiences that delve into the human psyche like never before.

Located within three shipping containers in Kings Cross, the options are SÉANCE, FLIGHT and COMA, all of which take place in pitch darkness. What do these entail? Firstly, SÉANCE explores the psychology of superstition by asking you to participate in a Victorian séance and collectively conjure up a sinister image of what lies on the other side. FLIGHT transports you to an airplane journey gone wrong and taps into the idea of Quantum Mechanics from a 40ft-high container designed like an Airbus 320. Meanwhile, COMA will have you entering into some kind of collective dream, in an effort to confront a series of unspeakable horrors that lurk inside your mind.

Created by Darkfield, each 30-minute theatre production makes use of headphones and binaural sound trickery to open up your consciousness and create the illusion that you’re in a larger space than the shipping containers. Having premiered at Edinburgh Fringe last year to widespread acclaim, we’re sure these three adventures will blow your mind...

Should you want to take part in these dark, intimate experiences head to Lewis Cubitt Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4LW. Tickets for Séance are £8, Flight £9, Coma £9.