Truffle-Topped Pasta Delivered To Your Door: We Get To Know The New Gang In Town

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

With charming Italian waiters, leaning towers of desserts and gigantic cheese wheels laden with silky pasta ribbons, Big Mamma is my go to for celebratory occasions. From gushy anniversary dinners to sunny birthday brunches, Gloria and Circolo Popolare are places where fun reigns and Aperol flows freely. Sadly, that fun has felt like a thing of the past of late... that was until a new gang arrived in town, promising to sprinkle some of that Mamma magic on my lockdown blues.

Napoli Gang review

Napoli Gang's menu includes all the oft-Instagrammed classics you would expect.

Napoli Gang is the group’s new delivery service bringing high quality antipasti, mega desserts and truffle-topped delights to your front room. Keen to perk up a miserable Monday evening, we took the plunge, ordering a three course feast worthy of royalty. Things kicked off with a portion of arancini Siciliani al tartufo (£7.50) and a hefty 200g lump of burrata with pesto (£12). Crispy on the outside with an oozing risotto centre, the truffle balls could do no wrong, while the burrata was as fresh and creamy as if it had been plucked from Puglia that morning, I could almost feel the rain clouds clearing. 

Careful to leave some pesto to one side (for crust-dipping purposes), we dived into our mains; a classic margarita (£10) and Conchiglie al tartufo (£18), which were soon steaming after a blast in the oven. While the pizza delivered on all fronts (rich tomato base, gooey cheese topping, lighter-than-air base), it was the pasta that truly stole the show. Quickly snatched from beneath my boyfriend’s nose, the foil tray contained the perfect carby cuddle, littered with fresh truffle and richer than Bezos’ bank account. 

Napoli Gang Pizza Delivery London

Napoli Gang boasts one of London's most fun takeaway menus.

With a food coma fast approaching, we soldiered on to desserts, a classic tiramisu (£6.50) and that lemon pie XXL (£6). It wasn’t my first rodeo with the towering meringue, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it had travelled, carefully encased in a purpose-built unit, it wiggled and it jiggled but did not collapse. After a few mouthfuls of each I waved my white flag, sinking into the sofa, thankful for the lack of washing up.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Undoubtedly the coolest clan in town, Napoli Gang is the perfect antidote to the ongoing dreariness. From the hot-pink packaging to the big flavours and absurd portion sizes, it can’t help but slap a smile on your face. For a feast in your PJs? There’s no better option.

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