Call It A Comeback: Kensington Roof Gardens Due To Reopen

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

kensington roof gardens to open in 2020

London's favourite garden in the sky could be making a return.

In 1981, Richard Branson took a garden in the sky, and made it all his own.

Did he transform it into a secret hub to research travel through time and space? No.

Did he acquire the space for Virgin's leafiest broadband line yet? No.

Did he turn it in to a rooftop restaurant, bar and events space worthy of some of London's most sought after parties?

You bet he did.

And while the roof gardens saw major success in their 37 year ownership under the Virgin brand, 2018 saw Branson take a step away from flamingos and foliage, leaving the sky-high space to simmer. 

But good things clearly happen to those who wait, as reported by the Evening Standard; a conversation with Thomas Rose from property agent Cushman & Wakefield has uncovered news of a potential reopening for Kensington Roof Gardens. Hoping to find a bidder for the space, Cushman & Wakefield have their fingers firmly crossed for a reopening in late 2019, or early 2020.

2021 UPDATE: A successful letting of KRG has now been approved. Meaning? A brand new private members club looks to be on the cards for the city as refurbishment looks due to start one day soon. Check back for more news on the potential reopening of Kensington Roof Gardens as we get further details this year.