Call It A Comeback: Kensington Roof Gardens Due To Reopen (Soon, We Hope)

kensington roof gardens to open in 2020

London's favourite garden in the sky could be making a return.

In 1981, Richard Branson took a garden in the sky, and made it all his own.

Did he transform it into a secret hub to research travel through time and space? No.

Did he acquire the space for Virgin's leafiest broadband line yet? No.

Did he turn it in to a rooftop restaurant, bar and events space worthy of some of London's most sought after parties?

You bet he did.

And while the roof gardens saw major success in their 37-year ownership under the Virgin brand, 2018 saw Branson take a step away from flamingos and foliage, leaving the sky-high space to simmer. 

But good things clearly happen to those who wait, as reported by This Is Money in February 2023, uncovering news of a potential reopening for Kensington Roof Gardens, and confirming that energy firm Ovo is now taking over the refurb and hoping for an upcoming opening date.

2023 UPDATE: Check back for more news on the potential reopening of Kensington Roof Gardens as we get further details and sign up to our newsletter for more.