The venue offers great Korean cuisine, BYOB and fifteen minute hair-cuts!

If you're sick and tired of your mundane barber-shop experience, then we've got something really interesting for you. Hurwundeki's quirky approach looks set to revolutionise the art of hair-dressing, maybe. Okay probably not. But still, this cafe/hair salon/Korean restaurant perched below Cambridge Heath station is something you've definitely got to experience at least once in your life.

Hurwundeki serves up a decent range of classic Korean dishes - each is delicious and all yours at a very reasonable price - as well as a whistlestop, ";cheap as chips" hair salon that will tame your barnet quicker than you can say 'Kimchi Jeon'.

I know what you're thinking - you're immediately sceptical about the quality of a place that divides it's attention equally between whipping up somebody's lunch one minute, then administering a short back and sides the next. But take our word for it, the all-round quality of this place is seriously impressive. Just when you were thinking there's no such thing as a decent and affordable haircut in London, this place stops you in your tracks. £9 cuts for men and £14 for women represents great value, and where else can you enjoy a glass of BYO wine whilst you wait?