Just In: Wandsworth Debenhams Will Soon House Eight Big Experiences

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

gravity experiences wandsworth london

The indoor track at Gravity is high-tech, electric... and looks a lot of fun.

Are you not entertained? You will be.

While Wandsworth Debenhams' days were seemingly numbered with the slow decline of the high street, Gravity found an opportunity in the building they couldn't miss... bringing BIG entertainment to the South London masses this coming summer.

Pumping £6 million in to the space, the fun-keen of Wandsworth will be able to tuck in to everything from e-go karting, adventure golf, augmented reality darts and shuffleboard, with plenty of space reserved for arcades and bars (including a New York-style loft space).

Founder Michael Harrison says: "This project takes active entertainment to the next level with loads of immersive experiences and UK firsts. By day it’s the perfect half-day experience for the family or a great place to host a party. By night we will dim the lights, speed up the E-karts, ramp up the music with live performances and let the adults take over. A perfect place to meet friends or host a corporate event."

Gravity Southside can be found at SW18 4TF, and will open later this summer. For more immersive experiences in London: click here.