A Gin Boat Is Coming To London

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Gordon's Gin Boat River Thames

An ice-cold G&T for your commute home? How a-boat that.

Tinnies on a train had a bit of a moment this summer thanks to one certain politician, but it would appear that Abbott’s antics were just the start of it, with Gordon's now giving your TFL tipple of choice a serious upgrade. 

Setting sail on the 3rd of October will be London’s first-ever gin boat, helping haggard commuters escape the underground by taking to the Thames instead. The Gordon’s Line will depart from Canary Wharf heading east and stopping at St Katherine's Pier, London Bridge and Festival Pier before docking at Vauxhall. The river cruiser comes complete with live music, a recording of the chart-topping 'Nobody Panic' podcast, nibbles, and of course, plenty of ice-cold G&Ts.

We foresee a whole load of humble-brag #commuterlife posts coming to your 'gram real soon. The rat race never did look so good.

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