panther milk bar pop-up london

Animals that produce milk: Camels, the humble yak, buffalo.....and now, panthers.

Already amassing a cult-following in Glasgow thanks to their Leche de Pantera, a sweet, gin cocktail from Spain with milk as the main ingredient, Panther Milk Bar couldn't held themselves but hoof it down south this summer.

Having successfully sweetened the London crowd with a secret pop-up at the Hoxton Docks in April, Panther Milk Bar purrs once again in the city as they've joined forces with the high-regarded L'Escargot in Soho for a month-long cocktail pop-up of milk-in-yer-mouth morsels across three original variations. 

"The recipes we present to you were made with the help of Chimo Oliver, a charming 82 year old Catalan we came across whilst drinking Leche De Pantera in Barcelona. Chimo was interned during the reign of Franco and sent to the Foreign Legion for his left wing political ideology and his opposition to Fascism. It was when he was with Legion he learned to make this secret version of Leche De Pantera. We salute all Anti-Fascists and raise our glasses to salute them!"

Panther Milk Bar x L'Escargot will take place between 8th June 2016 - August 5th 2016  on every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.