Christmas Dinner Ice Cream? Yes, It’s A Thing...But For One Week Only

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Christmas Turkey Dinner Sundae | London Bar News | DesignMyNight

Think you can stomach it? Move quickly as they'll be flying away faster than TVs on Boxing Day. 

There’s just over 100 days until Christmas, but things in London are already getting festive. Between stockpiling mince pies, prepping puds and building present wish lists on Amazon, take a moment to try out this unique yuletide treat.

Because what is Christmas without weird food trends that make you say… “Why though?”

Beloved ice cream parlour and regular Instagram star Chin Chin are giving you the ultimate meal-in-one, the Christmas Turkey Dinner Sundae.

Perfect for festive elves on the go (or those who just can’t wait for December so have decided to cram an entire Christmas feast into one bite) the sickly sweet yet savoury treat was created to tie in with the launch of that Sony Movies Christmas TV station. Made with turkey gravy caramel ice cream, nut roast crumble, sweet cranberry sauce and a pine nut stuffing tuille, the dessert is then topped with brussel sprout glitter. 

You've only got a week to get your hands one, so move faster than a reindeer on Christmas eve... otherwise you'll have to wait till December when it returns for the month. 

Gotta see it to believe it? The Christmas Turkey Dinner Sundae is up for grabs now at Chin Chin ice cream parlour in Soho. The address is 54 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DS. Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 1pm - 9pm, Friday and Saturday 1pm - 10pm and Sunday 1pm - 8pm.