Got Buns, Hun? From Dumplings to Tacos: These Are The Best Cheeseburger Dishes In London

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Got buns, hun? Well, actually, no... From punchy tacos to crispy spring rolls and oh-so-juicy dumplings, these are the best London cheeseburger dishes that you need on your radar right now. Offering a modern take on the classic oozing cheese, juicy patty and tangy gherkin combo, these restaurants are proving that this American institution isnt going anywhere any time soon. Things are about to get messy...


Red Farm - Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Landing slap bang in Covent Garden after huge success in the Big Apple, Red Farm takes traditional dim sum recipes and gives them a quirky new twist. Start off with a portion of the oft-Instagrammed Pac Man-themed dumplings with sesame seed eyes, before ordering a portion of the crispy burger spring rolls. Stuffed full of cheese, deep-fried and accompanied by an oozing dipping sauce, these golden bites would no doubt have Jamie Oliver crying out in despair.

RedFarm Burger Spring Roll

One of New York's finest exports, Red Farm's offering comes complete with a dipping burger sauce.

Dirty Bones - Cheeseburger Dumplings

The stuff of hangover dreams, Dirty Bones' menu is a celebration of all things New York-style comfort food; from crispy fried chicken to melt-in-the-mouth beef short rib and smoked macaroni cheese. The item that you can’t miss though? The cheeseburger dumplings, which see a meaty mix carefully folded into a gyoza wrapper, fried and then steamed to perfection. Rumour has it the team served 10,000 of these babies the first week that they were launched, so rest assured that if you do order, you'll be in good company.

Dirty Bones Burger Dumplings

One of Dirty Bones' most oft-ordered dishes, the cheeseburger dumplings are not to be missed.

temper - Cheeseburger Tacos

A mainstay on the 'cheeseburger dishes that aren’t actually cheeseburgers' scene (try saying that three times in a row), temper’s tacos are an act of pure genius. Think tiny charred tortillas, piled high with meaty morsels (cooked on the 6-metre long firepit) and doused in burger sauce, melting cheese and finely sliced chillies. And if you want to recreate the tasty plate at home? The Soho restaurant runs masterclasses throughout the year, dishing out the secrets behind their signature dish.

temper tacos

Swap the fluffy bun for a crispy soft tortilla with temper's signature tacos.

Blues Kitchen - Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Serving up vintage-inspired interiors with a rock and (spring) roll vibe, Blues Kitchen boasts some of the coolest hangouts in London, from Camden to Shoreditch. Their take on the classic cheeseburger sees paper-thin, deep-fried pastry encasing a hefty parcel of gooey American cheese, acidic gherkin and medium rare beef. When dipped in the generous pot of Big Mac sauce? It’s a mouthful of pure, unadulterated joy. 

Blues Kitchen

Load up on these bad boys before hitting the dancefloor.

Ugly Dumpling - Cheeseburger Dumplings

A teeny tiny spot on the corner of Carnaby Street, Ugly Dumpling serves up some of the most creative and quirky Chinese bites in the biz. Their ‘new favourites’ menu includes a modern take on the all-American classic which sees three steamed parcels topped with mini fries and a spicy sriracha ketchup. It shouldn’t work, but it really does. Better yet? They’re now selling these parcels of tastiness as a bag of 15 that can be popped in the freezer at home, perfect for rainy days and catastrophic hangovers.

Ugly Dumpling has a roster of quirky bites, infused with truffle, tomato or even burger sauce.

ICHIBUNS - Wagyu Cheeseburger Harumaki

Founded by Robin Leigh (the guy behind Nobu and Busaba Eathai), ICHIBUNS is the Soho spot specialising in quirky Japanese cuisine. And while the interiors may be cool and casual, the menu is a pretty luxe affair, with mega caviar platters and premium cuts of meat. Our highlight though? The wagyu cheeseburger harumaki: two super crispy rolls, filled with marbled beef, thinly sliced gherkins and a whole lotta cheese. Wash down with a cookies and cream Ichi shake for the ultimate weekend feast.  

ICHIBUNS burger spring roll

Adding a touch of luxe to proceedings, ICHIBUNS' Cheeseburger Harumaki are stuffed full of wagyu beef.

Club Mexicana - Cheezeburger Burrito

Looking for a vegan treat that will satisfy your cheeseburger craving? Club Mexicana's mega burrito offering comes complete with ground 'beef', queso, pico de gallo, tangy salsa verde and lashings of Club Mex burger sauce. And if you're not planning on venturing out to one of their hot pink venues any time soon? You can also recreate their Cheezeburger tacos in the comfort of your own home by ordering one of their DIY kits. A dairy-free dream...


The ultimate hangover cure, these babies taste just as good as the real deal.

Bus Stop BBQ - Cheeseburger Scotch Egg

2020 has been quite the year for the humble Scotch egg, and it doesn't show much sign of letting up just yet. The gang at Bus Stop BBQ (A Brookhouse Fulham pop-up) have now created a new take of the classic picnic snack. Think a golden yellow egg encased in a mix of aged rib cap, flank and brisket and doused in mature cheddar, smoked chipotle and IPA. If that doesn't sound substantial? We don't know what would.

Perfectly washed down with a pint, these golden bites are the ideal savoury snack.

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