Should London Bars Use AI To Stop Queue Jumping? Because This One Has

Published . By Georgia Evans.

The Underdog AI Bar | London Bar News | DesignMyNightIs AI the future of London's busy bars?

Oh the wonders of the modern age… Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all these new mod cons, but not as hard as being a bartender keeping tabs on the throng of people crowding the bar on a busy day. 

To help valiant staff in their quest to pour pints in an orderly fashion, The Underdog in Bermondsey have introduced AI (artificial intelligence) facial recognition software to help determine who’s next in line. What does that mean for patrons? No pushing in.

Now on busy days (think gig nights, sold-out art shows etc etc) bar staff will be able to utilise the "AI Bar" tech. Developed by British AI firm DataSparQ, the software will not only give people a queue number, but an estimated wait time and ID prompts for those that look under 25. In compliance with GDPR, patrons will have to give explicit consent, with the bar promising images are not stored and get deleted at the end of the night. 

However, we can’t help but wonder will this be the future of our city’s nightlife? And if so, how do Londoners feel having their faces scanned while getting pissed?

To experience the AI Bar software for yourself, head to The Underdog during peak hours. It’s found at 6 Crucifix Ln, Bermondsey, London SE1 3JW, and is open Tuesday 12pm - 7pm, Wednesday and Thursday 12pm - 11:30pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm - 1am and Sunday 12pm - 5pm.