pizza burger honest burger london

There's a new hybrid dish to be found at Honest Burger.

While many say they could never get bored with food, people said they'd never get bored of the burger phone......but the iPhone still came plodding along. So say, for instance, that you were kind of bored with burgers? *insert gasps, fainting grannies and bashful media coverage here*. What if there were a hybrid dish that blended the best of both foodie worlds to give your patty a new lease of life? Get your head out of ya 'hamdog' for a second, here's a different quirky contender.

Brought to the city by Honest Burger, they're honestly doing something different. Perfecting the art of pizza and patty combined, they've generated the 'Pizza Burger'. A WHAT WE HEAR YOU CRY. With you in their restaurants until October 31st, this is a fiend of foodie proportions with beef, smoked mozzarella, marinara sauce, walnut pesto and crispy pancetta. They may have missed National Pizza Day and National Burger Day is a far cry away, but Honest Burgers don't give a Mc'Fuck. 

Get your hands on the 'Pizza Burger' at all Honest Burger branches this autumn until October 31st 2016.