5 Ways To Learn Something New in London

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You might not always feel it, but every human has some form a driving force within. It's how we invented the wheel, discovered penicillin and created great TV shows like the Crystal Maze and TOWIE. Where better to let that driving force shine than in a city as vibrant as London. With workshops and masterclasses taking place everywhere you look, it's never been so easy to learn a new skill and surprise yourself with just how quickly you can pick something up. From arts and crafts lessons to cocktail making sessions, there's plenty for you to sink your intellectual teeth into. Here are 5 great ways to learn something new in London.

Calligraphy Classes at Drink, Shop & Do

I'll be the first to admit that honing my penmanship doesn't sound like the most thrilling night out. But although you might think calligraphy belongs in Medieval monasteries and mediocre year 4 school projects, there's a lot to be said for someone that can turn their chicken scratch into free-flowing, delicate lines. If you're looking to spruce up your writing, the team at Drink Shop & Do have just the thing for you. Head down on a weekend morning and trying your hand at modern calligraphy. Each guest will be given a pot of ink, a nib holder, practice paper and a letterform guide to help them turn their crooked symbols into heavenly letters. To literally sweeten the deal, guest will be given a free slice of cake and all the tea they can handle.

calligraphy class for beginner, drink shop & do, workshop.

What's calligraphy without a heavy helping of cake and tea?

Macaroon Art at Christabel's Cocktail Bar

We might have been repeatedly told not to play with our food as children, but now that we're all adults, the rules are totally different. Bursting with silver grapes, blue bananas and gold pineapples, Christabel's Cocktail Bar are throwing open their doors this April, offer Londoners the chance to perfect their macaroon painting skills. Fueled by purple popcorn and two glasses of ice cold prosecco, guests will be tasked with decorating a huge 6-inch macaroon, using nothing but a few smaller macaroons and a lick of paint. Let your imagination take over, completely immerse yourself in the event and see what your nimble fingers are able to create at this art workshop in London.

macaroon, art workshop, christabel's cocktail abr.

Who knows, you could be the Van Gogh of the macaroon painting world.

Nicole Line's Creative Workshops

Fresh out of university and with a bag full of art equipment that we've never even seen before, Nicole Line serves up a series of creative workshop for Londoners to get involved in. The idea is simple; instead of forcing people into lifeless studios, Nicole takes her equipment to a bar and imparts her wisdom in a series of different workshops. Whether your dipping you toe in wood engraving, heading one of her metal printing classes or instead trying your hand at screen printing, these workshops will really push you to think beyond the line and create things a bit more imaginative than the usual keyring. Oh, and of course, there'll be wines. Lots and lots of wine.

nicole line, creative workshops, screen printing

Nicole Line's workshops take place all over London and are perfect for anyone looking for a completely new skill to learn.

Knitting with I Make Knots

Ever wanted to know how to crochet a plant hanger or learn how to knit a Tunisian lampshade cover? Yeah, we didn't think so. But celebrating London's love of the peculiar and teaching the city all about an art that seems to be dying out, the I Make Knots team are hosting a handful of frivolous workshops revolving around knitting. From the ordinary sofa throws to knitted I-cord necklaces, these classes will have you threading like a pro in no time. Perfect for relieving stress and suitable for knitters of all skills, this workshop promises to be everything you've been yarning for.

i make knots, knitting, yarn

From sofa throws to knitted plant hangers, I Make Knots will give you all the knitting skills you could ever need.

Cocktail Masterclasses at Map Maison

And if none of the above appeals, London's got its fair share of great cocktail masterclasses; enter Map Maison. The team of expert mixologists behind this North London bar are hosting a series of cocktail classes, each revolving around a different spirit and each featuring some of London's most exotic ingredients. Whether you prefer the sharp bite of gin or instead enjoy the frivolity that comes with a bubbles-based creation, they'll be on hand to show you exactly how to make your favourite drink. Long gone are your days of calling a mimosa a cocktail, these classes with have you flairing in no time.

cocktail masterclasses, map maison, haggerston

Twist and twirl all your favourite spirits, fruits and liqueurs together at Map Maison's thrilling cocktail masterclasses.