Dirty Martini St Paul's Dirty Martini indulge their empire even further with a St Paul's plot
130 Wood St, London, EC2V 6DL
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Those nuzzling nippers couldn't resist another city nook. Taking to the bones of Jewel in St Paul's, Dirty Martini have expanded their empire even further as this new venue marks another notch on their ever-growing cocktail bedpost. Set to echo the same contemporary cool of their city-wide counterparts, Dirty Martini St Paul's will also boast veritable proof of Dirty Martini's inherent need to up their cocktail game, toting the mixology mastery their other venues boast.

What we say:

If there's anyone we can rely on for expansion and enthusiasm, it's Dirty Martini. Their Monument venue may be all but a few weeks open, but Dirty Martini is a bar group that refuses to be bogged down by only a handful of venues. Their tenacity for expansion has to be admired, and there's no doubt that the mixology moments found in their other bars will echo throughout this new St Paul's venue. A city den, this sure will be.