Brunch in Soho on a Saturday afternoon, sounds like a brush with elbows and fate, right? But as my boyfriend rightly pointed out, we're everything that 16 year old us would hate and we love it; and that's all thanks to 100 Wardour St.

The Venue

With their address for a name, obviously 100 Wardour St wasn't too hard a nugget to find. Previously known as Indian restaurant Carom, 100 Wardour St have ignored and thus moulded the previous set-up, transforming the spaces and bar props into a space of sophisticated interiors and clearly curated materials. Set between conservatory dining space, main restaurant and bar, there's a sultry, smoky and rich feel to 100 Wardour St that seems to blend West London with almost 20s interior clamor and glamour thanks to shining touches and chic furniture set alongside the odd neon for effect. There's a club space downstairs too, but with Bottomless Prosecco on the cards, we were gagging for Saturday seats.

100 wardour food review london dining

Sophistication drips through the interiors and furniture at 100 Wardour St.

The Food and Drink

Invited to try their Bottomless Brunch, my body was full of nervous pangs and excited notes alike. I've seen me on too many drinks come summer in the sun, and it's sometimes not a pretty sight; but saved by the brunch bell, we were both well behaved, and only smashed the one glass. 

While our brunch included delicious, bottomless Prosecco, we could also choose from three plates on a select brunch menu (£22.95 for three courses, more than reasonable when you read what follows). Oddly departing from eggs almost altogether, 100 Wardour St's brunch clearly doesn't bang on about benedict, offering guests more gastro plates than anything else. Starting with the crispy, chilli and lume squid alongside a sweet potato and shiitake mushroom hash, 100 set the bar for fresh ingredients and rewarding flavours from the off as we worked our way to our mains. While I opted for the coal fired baby garlic chicken with wilted greens, my boyfriend opted for the Cassarecce pesto pasta with datterini tomatoes; both plates hosted bold and recognisable flavours, that clearly use seasonal ingredients to create full plates and top notch, tasting blends. The seasoned garlic glaze on the chicken was to die for. Tidying up and leaving our waists less than trim was a light, approachable and downright delicious chocolate ganache with a texture tumbling nut crunch.

Testament goes to our waitress too. Not only was our Prosecco glass never a centimetre below the brim (if you're gonna go bottomless, prove it), she was a wonderful host that made our brunchy boozing a seamless and fun experience. Boozed, we were.

100 wardour dinner review london

You guessed it, not a plate I indulged, but still a testament to the smart dining style of the restaurant.

The Atmosphere

Seeing as Carom was a well established dining plot, and 100 Wardour St has only had a general few weeks to go on in terms of marketing spiel, they clearly weren't suffering in terms of post opening melancholy. Absolutely brimming, and dotted with everything from ladies that lunch, to Mother's Day diners, 100 Wardour St has clearly already made a name for itself, and is clearly open to all walks of life. Sure, it's more abuzz with those that like a foray in fancier plates, but this didn't retract from the clear and charming murmur of guests. 

100 wardour restaurant review

Smart, friendly and fun, 100 Wardour St is a must try in the heart of Soho.


While the competition on Wardour St may ever be at its dining peak thanks to a roaring run of restaurants, 100 Wardour St stand out from the crowd as not only a well established space, but a dining destination that people will aim for, rather than simply stumble upon. Kudos, and snaps aplenty for my 8pm hangover too, we'd earned it.