I’m ashamed to say that it was my first time venturing down to the infamous Hoxton Square, luckily Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen did not disappoint.

The Venue

Situated at the heart of this buzzing area of Shoreditch, this joint is one for partygoers. As you wander up to the venue, there’s a cute alfresco terrace where you can get a feel for what’s to come before you venture inside. The venue has two rooms, with the first a more relaxed area that's perfect for chilling and conversing with friends over some tangy cocktails. The real action, however, goes down in the back room. We were lucky enough to visit when a host of live up-and-coming acts were performing; and for two hours we were serenaded by the sounds of mesmerising homegrown talent.

Come 11pm the club vibe really gets underway; the crowds spill on to the dancefloor and the DJ knows exactly how to keep the masses partying into the night.

Whether you're looking to chill, party or enjoy some food on the terrace, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen delivers.

Ambience and Clientele

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is typical of a Shoreditch venue on a Saturday night; heels, glitzy dresses and big hair are not necessary - cool and casual is the popular ambience here. There was a diverse mixture of people, most of whom were young revellers like myself seeking a good night out with friends.

During the live performances, the atmosphere was mellow and relaxed as the sounds of the underground talent tamed the crowd. As the performers winded down, we swiftly headed over to the bar as we were ready to get the night started. I loved the atmosphere here; it was light and friendly, even the performers were hanging in the crowd and mingling with everyone. You can expect a carefree ambience, bags of fun with your mates and rhythms to suit any type of party mood.

A young crowd of revellers are drawn to the venue's cool and casual atmosphere.

Drinks and Music

The drinks menu is not the biggest by far, however our bartender for the night, Charlie, kept us on our toes by helping us make some tasty choices. I started the night with a Che Guava, whilst my friend opted for the Strawberry Neill’s Forever, both of which were equally strong and refreshing. For round two my ever-so-indecisive friend couldn’t decide what she wanted to drink, so our lovely bartender made her a special cocktail based on her favourite spirits. I was feeling slightly jealous that I too hadn’t opted for the indecisive choice, as it was a lip-tingling sensation.

There was a nifty selection of music to satisfy all ears. If you’re all for the R&B classics the back room is definitely for you; the DJ was spinning everything from the newest Drake to the old school Lauren Hill. Whilst in the main room, we were bobbing along to the latest pop rhythms. The music overall was not too commercial which I liked, and there was a variety of beats to suit any mood throughout the night.

The small but beautifully formed cocktail list here features drinks that are both refreshing and punchy.


Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is a fun and eccentric bar and club, with an extremely laid back atmosphere. If you’re seeking a night of carefree dancing and a great mixture of music in one of the most popular areas for nightlife in east London, then this is your place.