Smokey Tails at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen - London Brunch Review

Published . By Luke Sillett.


Maybe it’s my cliché appreciation of avocados or perhaps more likely, it’s just my unabashed passion for daytime drinking; but like the rest of London, I love a bottomless brunch.

And luckily for me - owing to the huge surge in popularity over the last few years - there are plenty of worthy places to enjoy free-flowing fizz come a Saturday or Sunday morning, ranging from dainty, Eggs Benedict-laden affairs to quirky themed foodie events, and everything in-between.

Arriving in East London with a slightly different approach though, is Smokey Tails’ latest pop-up at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. ‘Beats and Eats’ builds on the usual offering of unlimited booze, with the added bonus of bottomless food and live DJ tracks via their custom built and studio-standard audio system – and all for £30pp.

Smokey Tails

Fill your boots; you've got a maximum of two hours to do your worst.

The brainchild of DJ Seth Troxler, Smokey Tails is responsible for some of London’s tastiest pop-up foodie experiences over the last few years, and their latest brunch foray doesn’t disappoint. Inspired by the Midwest but with a modern twist, the choice of food here is simple. Forget smashed avo and egg combos, and instead replace them with a choice of three dishes: dense Americana pancakes doused with ice-cream, brioche French toast with maple syrup and fried chicken, or Cherry Cola gammon and fried eggs.

Smokey Tails

French toast, maple syrup and bacon. Eat that, hangover.

Two recommendations: 1) DO order all three to make sure you try them all, because they're all great (though if you’re forcing me into a favourite it has to be the fried chicken), and 2) DON’T forget to pace yourself; I dived face first into my debut dish and devoured it within 5 minutes into my 2 hour session - this was a mistake. Do not make the same one.

On top of the food, you also get the choice of free-flowing Bloody Marys, prosecco or mimosas (or ‘virgin’ options if you’re not on the sauce), and as is with any event promising to ply you with an unlimited amount of alcohol, the vibe here promises a suitably rowdy start to your afternoon. Expect it to be loud, expect it to be tasty and expect it to be boozy; Smokey Tails have hit the nail on the head with their bottomless brunch experience, and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is the perfect home for it.

Probably best to wear your stretchy jeans for this one.

Smokey Tails at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen takes place 10am-2pm on Saturdays and 12pm-2pm on Sundays. Bookings are £30pp, or £25pp for the virgin deal.