Cecil's Basement Cocktail Bar Rolls Into London Bridge
The Basement, 8 Holyrood Street, London, SE1 2EL

What they say:

Cecil's has constructed a private and intimate retreat near London Bridge designed to offer something genuinely different to the already vibrant Bermondsey scene. Cocktails are constructed using "the finest herbs and spices of the orient and some nifty little spirits too", and guests sip at their drinks whilst taking in music from a whole catalogue of seriously talented acts. Encouraging guests to adorn their finest garms, the folks at Cecil's seem determined to offer everybody present an evening out so refined and elegant that they'll still be talking about it in several years time.

What we say:

Whilst the idea of a secretive and intimate basement bar is hardly new, Cecil's offers an eye-catching all round package that makes it stand out all the same. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the cocktail list, which contains truly imaginative offerings to suit any mood or occasion. The opulent list of drinks is neatly matched with the standard of the live music performers, who add another dimension to this already seriously enticing retreat. Cecil's is an elegant all-rounder that has wasted no time in establishing itself as one of the top venues in the London Bridge area.