I’m not sure if it’s a sign of old age, but I’m growing tired of the whole clubbing thing. Give me a cool bar with great drinks any day. The Four Sisters promised to be just that, so off I went to see if my shift in preference was a justified one.

The Venue

The Four Sisters sits on a quaint side street off Highbury and Islington’s ever-cool Upper Street. The décor is a precise and well-worked blend of chic comfort with modern design. There are comfy sofas for larger groups, cosy candlelit smaller tables for a more intimate experience and some side-bar ledges for those that are more inclined to drink standing up. There are examples of Four Sister’s interesting and raunchy history (ask the staff for a run-down – highly recommended) that has been elegantly married with some modern and mood-setting fittings. A very cool looking bar, indeed.

four sisters review

With an array of comfy seating, The Four Sisters is a great spot for drinks with friends.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The great charm of The Four Sisters bar lies in the atmosphere. The bar has clearly been created with the intention to provide a warm and cosy drinking experience. You will see a mixture of dates, groups of friends who take their jackets off on arrival and allow the venue to provide warmth and comfort, some locals; and most tellingly, cocktail lovers. The music is cool and soft, and doesn’t get in the way of conversation – a great vibe for those that just want a relaxed cocktail in a chilled setting.

four sisters review

The crowd is cool and relaxed at The Four Sisters, so it is an ideal location to impress a date.

The Drinks

The cocktails is what really sets The Four Sisters apart. As you approach the bar you will be met with a colourful collection of tipples that resembles some sort of trendy artwork. On closer inspection you will find Four Sister’s impressive collection of home-made creations - amazing liqueurs and mixtures that are used in many of the signature cocktails. The cocktails themselves are delicious on paper, as the menu reads as a gripping tale of Four Sister’s history alongside some signature concoctions, but the care and intricacy of each drink makes the pomp of the menu entirely justified. You will find interesting variations of classics, old favourites, modern twists, as well as some unique creations.

four sisters review

With a stunning cocktail menu, this Islington bar really knows how to mix a drink.


The Four Sisters is a brilliant salute to cocktails. Having worked in many bars in the past, I love visiting a place that is clearly created, run and staffed by fans of great and well thought out cocktails. It is very easy for a bar to get away with the bare minimum, and it seems many places are guilty of this. So a place that not only provides some of the best cocktails you are likely to find, but allows you a glimpse of the creation and motive of these creations, gets my vote, and it should get yours too.