New bar spy - C'Alice

One wine, two wine, floor. There's a new Italian restaurant headed to Fulham


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Now Open

What they say:

Husband and wife team Giovanni Di Stefano and Alice Ravelli take to the Fulham stage as they open up Italian eatery and supreme wine dream, C'Alice. Set to be a comforting boast at 40 covers strong, C'Alice is not only a premium wine showcase, their menu is a conjured classic menu of poppy seeded salmon, risotto of the day, capesante al pompelo and more. 

What we say:

Italian food has often been haphazardly bogged down by run-of-the-mill pizzas and pasta plates, but there's one duo with rings on fingers that are going to give Fulham's idea of Italian chow a run for its money. Not only utilising seasonal flavours and a menu ripe with gastro classics, the wine menu at C'Alice is set to have 'em queuing around the block just for a look, and sip-see.