Sustainable Sips And Cheese Doughnuts: We Worked Our Way Through The New Bar Menu At Eve

Published . By Anisah Audu.

There’s something about a subterranean basement bar that we Londoners just can’t get enough of. Intimate corners? Innovative cocktails? Candlelit tables? You’ve got me. Sure, we’ve seen it all before, but Eve is on another level. With a brand new menu launching at the Covent Garden spot, I couldn’t resist one more visit.

Strawberry-steeped whiskey and tropical pale ales set Eve apart from the rest. Spearheaded by acclaimed MasterCheffer Adam Handling, the clandestine watering hole lies below his self-titled restaurant. Having ventured to the underground hideaway on a number of occasions, I’ve come to expect chilled out vibes, scores of couples and hushed voices… but this time was different.

Eve Bar London Review

Velvet banquette seating joins drinks by candlelight at this West End bar.

Diving downstairs on a Sunday evening (lately reserved for Love Island and laundry), we found a live DJ spinning hip hip to a bustling crowd. We made a beeline for the bar, settling in with a couple of Parsley Daiquiris. A refreshing greeting, they were a balanced mix of white rum, lime, banana and, of course, parsley. Bringing a South Asian twist to the classic, the Pandan Old Fashioned was next on our list; with Pandan-charged Woodford reserve combined with banana and coffee for a mellow blend.

Just as decent drinks are an essential part of any meal, I hold bar food in high regard. Ever since I experienced the American Bar's bottomless bar snack trio, there’s been no going back. With Handling’s restaurant just metres above, I knew we were in for a treat, though my mind wasn’t quite ready for just how good they’d be.

Eve Bar London Review

Less is more when it comes to the British Tea Company.

Blowing the same old nuts and crisps out of the park, tartare arrived in a mist of dry ice alongside beautifully plated crab and kimchi tarts. Cheese doughnuts needed no introduction, with the sweet snack reconstructed as an exquisitely dense mound of dough oozing with a savoury cheesy cream and coated in a blanket of finely grated cheese for optimum umami levels.

Utilising waste produce from the kitchen, Adam’s Apple was a boozy mix of mezcal, gin, cherry bark, wine and apple oil, somehow making it a subdued creation. Joined by a curious plate of popcorn-flavoured crackers topped with sweetcorn and chilli, the British Tea Company was another sustainable sip; this time, a pre-batched union of gin, earl grey, peach, salted honey and bubbles.

Eve Bar London Review

You don't know bar snacks till you've tried these bad boys.

Hoping to end on a high, it was the Peat’d Colada for me. Fulfilling my love for all things tiki, this was a translucent spritz-style take on the usual; utilising rum, coconut and pineapple alongside elderflower and peated whiskey. Saving one of the best till last, we opted for the white chocolate-topped No X In Espresso. Loving the name (there’s no x in it people!) as much as the flavour, it was a velvety finish to a fabulous night.

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If you still haven’t experienced Eve for yourself, now’s the time. With a brand new menu offering everything from elevated spritzes to creamy classics, there really is something for everyone. Fusing sexy date night vibes with a menu to satisfy your thirst for after-work drinks, you can’t go wrong here. Plus, with that collection of bar snacks still making my mouth water, it’s a solid 10/10 all around.