It’s rather apt that No 11 Pimlico Road unostentatiously names itself after its address, because despite all of its genuine ritz and extravagance, this gastropub hosts a wholesome charm that’s so genuine, you simply feel as if you’ve been invited round a friends home for dinner...

The Venue

Just a minute’s walk from Sloane Square, I hop off of the train and head into this decadent venue. It’s a Friday night, and despite being filled wall-to-wall with an after-work crowd who are looking to kickstart their weekends, No 11 Pimlico Road still feels bright and airy thanks to its high ceilings, large windows and its clean colour palette; immaculate whites and flat greys are flushed throughout, creating an unmistakable air of freshness. With Scandinavian-styled tables, a huge bookshelf wall, and a stunning Victorian staircase, this is less of a boozer, more of a home from home. A truly gorgeous and welcoming venue.

No 11 Pimlico Road Interior

No 11 Pimlico Road is open, bright and airy. 

Food and Drink

Having arrived on a cold winter night, I was immediately sold by the idea of starting off my visit with a ‘Pear & Ginger Toddy’ (£8) - great decision; this bad boy packed a punch and warmed my cockles right up. My plus one wasn’t such a wuss, so instead opted for the ‘Raspberry Vieux Carré’ (£8), a delectable, expertly-mixed raspberry treat with a champagne brandy-base. Before we’d finished our drinks, our food was on the table. I started with the ‘Grilled Chicken Skewers’ and my plus one went for the ‘Pork & Fennel Meatballs’ (£7.50 & £7.95 respectively) - both packed full with flavour. The chicken skewers came served with artisan bread and garnished with mint, lime & honey whilst the mouthwatering meatballs came served in a tomato sauce that done them justice - both starters were splendid. To follow, my plus one opted for the ‘Steamed Mussels Mariniere’ (£12.95) whilst I went for the ‘Roast Cod' (£17.50). The mussels were delicious and sourdough bread was perfect for soaking up the last drops of the exquisite white wine garlic butter sauce. The real star of the night though was the cod. Served on a bed of with sticky lentils alongside kale pesto and toasted almonds, all of the flavours and textures come together to create a truly divine dish. A must try.

It’s funny, for about £20 per head, you could walk into any gastropub or run-of-the-mill chain restaurant in the capital and get a bang-average plate of grub. Or, you could head to a charming venue like this one, and spend a little bit more (say £25 each?) and enjoy some mouthwatering dishes that you’ll undoubtedly remember for a long time. A couple of extra quid can really make the world of difference...

No 11 Pimlico Road Cocktail

Not only is this gastropub capable of rustling up some truly delectable dishes, the bartenders here can mix up a cracking cocktail too!

Atmosphere and Clientele

Much like the menu and décor, the staff here are delightful; they’re extremely attentive and caring - even when extremely busy. The Friday night crowd saw coteries of men in suits brushing shoulders with the young creatives and families alike. No 11 Pimlico Road's warming ambience has everyone feeling happy at home.


I think I’ve found my new favourite Gastropub in London… No 11 Pimlico Road