New bar spy - Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room

Bourne & Hollingsworth Opening New Botanical Rooftop Bar

Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room

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Now Open

If you haven't heard of Bourne & Hollingsworth, then consider yourself unacquainted with the London nightlife scene. From the Islington townhouse, which sports a secret nightclub and Instagram-worthy conservatory, through to the crochet chic of their basement bar in Fitzrovia, the group has been making your cocktails cute for yonks. This winter, they're back and they're packing punches with a new sky-high venue above Assembly Hotel near Leicester Square.

The new rooftop bar will be sticking to their signature floral and botany themes, with an abundance of plants and flowery prints, all against a backdrop of the London skyline. The kitchen will be serving an all-day menu of British seasonal plates, divided into bar snacks and larger plates; expect choices such as slow-cooked lamb, prunes, and sweet potato mash, and grilled prawn and chestnut skewers with bernaise sauce.

Drinks will reflect the bar's living and breathing theme, with a fresh list of floral concoctions, that can come alcohol-free, vegetarian or vegan. So far, they're teasing with the likes of Rumble in the Clouds, a mix of five rums, fresh lime, pineapple, cranberry and peach liquors.