I may have known very little of Argentinian chow before venturing to CAU, but boy oh boy, would we become favoured friends once I was finished at this plush restaurant bar in Blackheath. Let me introduce you to the more than palate pleasing CAU, (Prounounciation; you guessed it, C-O-W).

The Venue

Overlooking Blackheath common, CAU has bagged itself one heck of a scenic spot. A single level, ground floor restaurant spread over two rooms, CAU is rather unlike anything you'd expect from an Argentinian restaurant.

Rather than the broody hues and rich velvets of its Gaucho brother (found under the same restaurant umbrella) CAU is more of a sumptuous mix between Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' and Michael Bay's 'The Island'. From polished furnishings and patent white padding to dashes of a blue skyline, CAU remains wholly fresh and light with space for dining tables, booths and a glistening back bar the like.  

cau bar restaurant blackheath london review

Space-age might not sound fitting, but there's something futuristic about this Blackheath restaurant.

The Food and Drink

Now then, onto the good stuff. Not wanting to ignore my first Argentinian experience, I maintained that I would try all things new and all things signature to Argentina while I was at CAU. Starting with a serving of street food empanadas at £6.50 and followed by Argentinian beef staple, the 'Tapa De Cuadril' with chimichurra sauce at £14.50, my experience was just. Succulent pockets of warm pastry and chorizo, followed by melt-in-the-mouth flash grilled rump beef slithers and thrice cooked chips? If January is the time for dieting, it's a month i'll gladly kick to the curb for food at CAU.

Suggested a Malbec by our waitress to share over our main courses, we ploughed through the red, a delicious accompaniment to our meal; and once again, Mendoza wine, another true Argentinian flair. Followed by fresh cocktails and dessert, we polished off our meal with Espresso Martini's and a Barrio, all hand made and brimming with tasty notes at a mere £5.95 each.

cau blackheath restaurant review

Boasting Argentinian food made simple, CAU introduce you to fancy flavours without scaring you off.

The Atmosphere

Considering that we'd nabbed ourselves a lunchtime spot, I didn't have too high hopes for how busy CAU might be; until I went, of course. Forgetting that this was Blackheath and brimming with yummy mummies, young families and well to do folk, CAU was fun; you guys, it was practically bustling. Definitely date night material and a top spot for a late lunch, CAU never dimmed down, it never felt bare and it most certainly boasted appeal for those that like the sombre tones of families nattering. A touch of the bespoke with the laid back, exactly what you'd expect from a restaurant bar in Blackheath. 

cau blackheath london restaurant bar review

With so friendly an atmosphere, laid back dinner and drinks at CAU go hand in hand. 


I can't praise CAU highly enough for their charming waiting staff, top notch hospitality and beautiful meal. If you're in Blackheath at any time in the near future, you now know what to do. Thank you CAU for lovingly reminding me that I know less about wine and beef than you do; After all, they do call the cow a holy animal.