London Is One Of The Best Cities For A Night Out In The UK

london going out best city in the uk

London, we love you.

We heard that London was getting a bit of a bad rap when it came to nightlife recently, and we wanted to step in, lend a hand, and call for a time out. 

Now don't get us wrong, we're aware of the rising cost of a pint, hiked hotel costs and rent (well, we've got thoughts about rent), but we're huge going-out advocates, and think someone needs to defend London and what its hospitality has to offer.

While it may have been voted last in a recent survey of 50 UK cities, we're not sure on that ranking, and want to remember and celebrate all that it has to offer. 

  • London set the trend for immersive art experiences, a sector which continues to grow rapidly. 
  • London's pub scene is truly unparalleled, whether you want high-end at The Devonshire or a cosy chat over a pint at The Lamb & Flag, its historical and traditional boozers are visited by millions, both from the UK and further abroad.
  • Club culture is still celebrated in so many diverse ways, from LGBTQ+ clubs to good ol' fashioned raves. 
  • It's a scaling metropolis, but determined to keep and celebrate its gorgeous green spaces, perfect for when the nightlife-obsessed need some time in nature.
  • There are still pints for under £5 in the city. You just have to know where to find them.
  • London's capacity for socialising extends above and beyond your typical nightlife these days, with activity venues and experiences suiting all audience types. 

Put it this way, with 17 million UK residents using DesignMyNight London to find things to do, club nights, brunches, restaurants and cosy per year, closely followed by nearly 2 million people in Manchester, we think those people are on to something. 

Want to find great experiences and things to do in London? You know where to go.