Press Play 'Film Is Art' - Event Review

Published . By Luke Sillett.

Combining cult movie classics, artistic set design and sensory-triggers to boot; Press Play aim to offer their guests a new, feistier pop-up cinema experience in the face of fierce competition in their chosen arena. First in their series of immersive screenings, was Kill Bill Vol 1. A big fan of the film, cocktails and sushi in equal measure; I took myself down to Hoxton to experience the event for myself.

The Venue

For their debut event, the creative chaps at Press Play were busy. Extremely busy. Completely transforming their temporary space in Hoxton Arches – literally just across the road from the Overground station – they kitted out the venue with themed-artwork, giant screens and a separate ‘Pussy Wagon’ bar area (fans of the film will appreciate the name…). Enter into the venue and you’ll see Kill Bill artwork lining the walls, a huge cinema screen at the end of the main room, and another room for sushi and cocktails. Take a look at their time-lapse video to see the transformation for yourself.

Press Play collaborated with the Outside Collective for the design.


The invitations to the event mentioned that we should prepare ourselves for an immersive experience; “when the characters are scared, you’ll be scared. When they feel emotion, you’ll feel emotion”. Press Play used lighting, smoke machines and loud noises to accompany the film’s most intense moments, which really did add a lot to an already awesome film. Though you won’t be interacting with any in-character cast members (Elle Driver was actually lovely in person), you’ll certainly feel like you’re right there with the cast at various points in the movie; genuinely unique.

Kill Bill Press Play 'Film is Art'

Photo Credit: Matthew Hickman

The Ambience

The vibe on the night was relaxed and people were clearly impressed with the amount of effort that had gone into the space. You’re welcomed with warm towels and saki, and sushi was offered around for the first part of the night, really setting the Japanese scene. These extra details did not go unnoticed. The crowd first gathered in the bar area, sinking the bespoke cocktails, before being ushered into the main room to settle down for the film. The lights and sounds definitely do add something to the experience.

Kill Bill Press Play 'Film is Art'

Photo Credit: Matthew Hickman


Bolshie, creative and original - I really enjoyed Press Play’s first event. Pop-up cinema is a cool concept, but is no longer the most unique thing around, organisers need to go above and beyond to wow their audiences, and it’s safe to say that Press Play pretty much nailed it. Here’s to the next in the series, whatever that might be.

Press Play's next event will be an immersive screening of Austin Powers! More info and tickets here.