Unique Bars in Glasgow

Your standard boozer is fine for a casual drink, but there are so many hidden gems in Glasgow just waiting to be discovered. From tiki themed bars to cute little hidden tearooms to bars styled on a student flat from years gone by, Glasgow is home to plenty of unique bars. Have a look at our picks of unique bars in Glasgow - we think you'll be surprised to see what you'll find, once you look close enough. 

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow

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The stuff of legend when it comes to the Irish pubbing scene, Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow digs are something to marvel at. Spread over 3 floors and boasting 6 bar spaces, Waxy is way more than just your average boozer. With innards of carpenter extravagance, this unique Glasgow bar feels like it's been carved out of a tree. Which is quite awesome really. 

The Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn is a little island paradise in the centre of Glasgow. Serving up all kinds of tropical cocktail creations in fancy ceramic mugs, jars and even crystal skulls, the Tiki Bar is without a doubt a unique bar in Glasgow. Make sure you check out their cute sun terrace too - bringing a Hawaiian themed tropical oasis to Bath Street. A great place to chill out in on a sunny day. 

The Flying Duck

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Low-lit, buzzing and always heaving with the cream of Glasgow's trendy crowd, the Flying Duck is a bit of a haven for party goers who just don't give a f@!k. Hosting many a gig night and clubbing showdown, this is one cool place to drink in Glasgow. Very rough around the edges, the only thing that matters here is the beefy sound system. 

St. Luke's

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Built upon a historic Church, St Luke's is Glasgow's latest live music venue to storm the East End. Having undergone a million pound renovation project, St Luke's is a fantastic new hub for performances, gigs, drinking and dining with The Winged Ox restaurant space as part of the venue. This is one impressive place for somewhere unique to drink in London. 

Hillhead Bookclub

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Set in an old cinema, the Hillhead Bookclub is as cool as unique bars in Glasgow come. Somewhere between looking like a house party and a warehouse space, you'll find bunting decorating the huge space and a bar set-up built for socialising. There's even Balldrag Bingo here (which is exactly what it sounds like). 


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An emporium of Gin laced libations, Gin 71 is Glasgow's beacon for artisan cocktails and atmospheric supping. If you're a fan of the spirit and looking to indulge in some super tailored mixology then seek out this place for a quirky bar in Glasgow. Well stocked with the likes of homemade tonics and Gins galore, Gin 71 makes for a charming drinking experience. 

Flat 0/1

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You only need to look at Flat 0/1 to see why it's made the list of unique bars in Glasgow. Designed to look like a student flat from the 70s, Flat 0/1 is perfect for catching up with friends over some of their interesting drinks - cheap supermarket cider and cherry Lambrini to name a couple. There are classier drinks on the menu too, but where's the fun in that? This unique bar in Glasgow is the place to be for a laid-back night out. 

The Butterfly and the Pig is a tea room meets bar in the middle of Glasgow. The bar is very cute, very kitsch - look out for the mismatched cutlery, shabby-chic decor, the lovingly tarnished front door and selection of rather cool comics and magazines. Freshly made cakes and sweets take pride of place on the cake stand but make sure you get there early, because as you'd expect, they're rather popular. We think you'll want to call this charmingly unique bar in Glasgow your new home.

The Berkeley Suite

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Preferring to be identified as a swanky subterranean den than anything else, The Berkeley Suite is a clubbers paradise with art-deco inspired innards. Both striking and original in its style, this certainly ticks boxes for atmospheric partying and a cool club in Glasgow. Check in here for dark-lit debauchery and DJs pumping out tunes until late. 


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Chinaski's is a secret bar in Glasgow, hidden behind a rather plain façade that you've probably walked past countless times without noticing. Next time you're in the area, keep your eyes peeled for the inconspicuous teal coloured building and head inside for a little haven in Glasgow. Their beer garden is a favourite with regular patrons and there are plenty of seating areas hidden away in corners, making it the perfect place to chat over drinks. A seriously cool and unique bar in Glasgow.