Vegan Restaurants In Edinburgh

Named the third best place in the UK to be a vegan, Edinburgh is home to a wealth of eateries offering you plant-based delights morning, noon and night. From the strictly animal product-free, to those on the turn, these great bars and restaurants are serving up cruelty-free and sustainable eats for your chowing pleasure, so check out our top picks for vegan food in Edinburgh.

Last updated on 7th January 2020

JanUary 2 for £20

Ideal for if you're getting a large group together, this restaurant in St. Andrew's Square have done their utmost to ensure that the herbivores aren't missing out from tasty brunch dishes to delicious dinners. They've even got vegan wines so you don't need to fret over your drinking options.

A stalwart of the vegetarian restaurant scene, Hendersons has been about since the '60s and continues to serve up some of the finest vegan food in Edinburgh. From their extensive dining menu that brings you everything from haggis to jackfruit stew and quinoa-sweet potato doughnuts, to their lunchtime salad boxes and wraps for eating on the go, it's got one of the best selections in the city.