Secret Bars In Edinburgh

Sure the Scottish capital may be home to plenty of sky-high venues and swanky hotel haunts, but to get to the really special spots? You have to look a little deeper. From underground jazz clubs to cosy cocktail lounges hidden behind barbershops, these secret Edinburgh bars promise to add an air of mystery to your next night out.

Last edited by Jasmine Lee Kennedy

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Bramble Bar

Ranked number 4 in the UK's Top 50 Cocktail Bars, Bramble is a hidden gem nestled into Queen Street. Regularly frequented by the city's bartenders, this place is a guaranteed winner when it comes to knock-out cocktails. Come the weekend? Expect live DJs and dancing 'til the wee hours.

The Jazz Bar

Hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of Chambers Street, The Jazz Bar is a sleek live music venue showcasing some of the city's most exciting talent. Follow the vibrant neon lights and you'll find a low-ceiling space, complete with candlelit tables and a team of expert mixologists.

Panda & Sons

While Panda & Sons' facade may look like an old-fashioned barbershop, once inside you'll find a secret set of stairs hidden behind a bookcase. Descend down them and you'll be greeted with a lair of drinking, dancing and debauchery, where you'll be able to sip on some of Edinburgh's quirkiest drinks.