Stag Do Bars and Clubs in Edinburgh

Congrats, you're getting married. The big day is fast approaching but we know that every groom needs just one more massive night out with their closest mates before tying the knot. Bursting with huge clubs and fun-loving bars, Edinburgh is easily one of the best city's in the UK for a stag do. Whether you're looking for a quiet night with the boys or instead plan on recreating scenes from The Hangover, our beautiful city never disappoints. To help you plan the perfect night out, we've pulled together a list of all the best bars and clubs for a stag do in Edinburgh. 

Last updated on 11th November 2019

Frankenstein / Bier Keller

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One of the city's most notorious drinking establishments, Frankenstein is all about silly fun with your friends - and when is there more of an excuse to get silly than at a stag do? A short walk from the bright lights of Cowgate and Grassmarket, whether you start off or finish the night here, you're in for top night out at Bier Keller.

Boteco Do Brasil is a cocktail bar in Edinburgh that hopes to recreate the flair and character of Rio in the heart of the Scottish capital. The venue's salsa dancers rule the roost on the weekends, while the team of expert bartenders fill the venue with vibrant energy courtesy of their rum and fruit-based tropical cocktails.