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Trenchtown brings Caribbean recipes & soul to Edinburgh's Gilmore Place


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What they say:

Trenchtown is a new Caribbean restaurant that serves traditional dishes and rum cocktails to Edinburgh's foodie crowds. The restaurant is based on Gilmore Place, across the road from the King's Theatre, and is decorated as a rustic, rough-around-the-edges casual dining spot. Each dish is made using recipes and cooking techniques that go back generations; guests will find the likes of jerk chicken, spicy peas and rice, garlic and chilli king prawns and a heart Kingston king burger on the menu.

What we say:

Details are thin at present but Trenchtown is a restaurant that perfectly matches the prevailing trend in Edinburgh's foodie scene. In recent years, casual dining giants - like Byron and Wahaca - have opened sites across the city and have made a killing by offering easy, delicious food in a chilled out environment. Trenchtown is much of the same. But one thing that helps the restaurant stand out is the lack of Caribbean eateries in Edinburgh as a whole. If the team can create great tasting food alongside a 'come on in, grab a cocktail' party vibe, the opportunity is there for them to do something big and cement themselves as a favourite spot in the Scottish capital.