And who said street food was just a fad? Adopting this delicious way to dine, Brighton wasn't going to fall behind on the worldly food wagon now were we? Following on from a successful summer and even making it through the winter months, Street Diner have proven that tasty persistence pays off, and that people will arrive in all weather conditions for a more hearty homemade dish boasting bespoke flavours. Whilst many street food markets come and go, Street Diner has dominated great chow every darn week in the city.

street diner brighton street food

Shimmy on down to street diner where a selection of global treats, European nosh and premium patties await.

Found every Friday between the hours of 11am-3pm (top notch lunch time gorging if we say so ourselves) at the Brighthelm Garden, Street Diner provide Brighton lunch time swooners with a selection of crafted grub. From the Mexican fare of 'Dead Good Buritto' and the gorging gourmet burgers of 'The Troll's Pantry' down to sweet treats from 'Honeycomb Cakes', there's so regular a turnover of great stalls, that you'll never eat in the same place twice. All we know is that come the summer months this 2014, we'll be taking up permanent residency, just please don't push in the queue dude, we're hank marvin'.