National Vegetarian Week: Top 5 Vegetarian Bites in Brighton

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

National Vegetarian Week (16-24 May) is creeping up on restaurants the UK over, but how to celebrate all things critter-less in Brighton? From vegan bites and more-ish meat-free morsels, to tapas restaurants and some of the most notable vegetarian plots in town, we've come up with our 5 favourite places to celebrate vegetarian food in Brighton this NVW. 

The tapas tasters - Rootcandi (CLOSED)

It's all about the plant-based bites as Rootcandi feed guests with the very best in foliage and flavour. Created by Steve Billam of Lydea infamy, this cosy dining nook promises a humble dining experience alongside some seriously veritable vegan dishes, all served in a tapas style. Try one of their sets to get your lips locked on the likes of their tempeh rice balls, vegetable paella and oyster mushroom scallop

rootcandi best vegan restaurant brighton

Rootcandi ply you with plants at one of the most beloved vegan restaurants in Brighton.

The ultimate award winner - Food For Friends

Award winning, host to local suppliers and boasting some of the prettiest plates in town, I'd like to see what Food For Friends aren't doing right, because their doesn't seem to be much. Expect markedly stunning veggie dishes, rotating seasonal menus and top cocktails. Looking to make the most of 'em this National Vegetarian Week? They're offering out free meals for your non-vegetarian chums, reckon they can sway them? I do. 

food for friends best veggie brighton

Heralded for their dishes, and clearly their food photography too, Food For Friends will impress any and all palate's. 

The pub grub - The Prince George

I often felt like plenty of pubs neglected vegetarians when it came to a Sunday Roast, until sparks flew between Trafalgar Street's The Prince George and I. Not only a charming British boozer, their vegetarian only menu is an incredible roster of gastro bites, international dishes and hearty pub grub the likes of their sweet potato wellington, roast beetroot and butternut squash risotto and flat mushroom nut roast.

prince george best vegetarian brighton

The Prince George give back gorging pub bites to the vegetarian dining crowd.

The vegan pizzeria - Purezza

Does Brighton just so happen to have the UK's only plant based pizzeria? Yes actually, yes it does. And it comes in the shape of humble eatery Purezza. Not only 100% vegan and exclusively based on plants, their scrum roster of Italian style bites includes everything from calzones, down to hummus based pizzas with artichoke hearts, their butternut squash Bosco, a nacho based pizza and more. 

purezza best veggie pizza brighton

Purezza in Brighton promises only the finest in Italian inspired vegan bites.

The other, really good award winner - Terre A Terre

When people mention vegetarian dining in Brighton, two names regularly come to mind, and one of them just so happens to be Terre A Terre. Not only another of the town's award winning vegetarian dining spots, this acclaimed eatery has been scoffing Brighton faces for over 21 years with a stunning and artistic selection of plates that flit between a la carte dishes the likes of their Steam Dreamer, down to their beloved brunch.

terre a terre best vegetarian brighton

Charting the leader-board next to F4F is Brighton vegetarian favourite, Terre A Terre.