While i'm pretty damn peachy once celcius peaks at 15, some of you don't lie around turnin' lobster and fancy a steamin' 30 instead. So where can we all cool down together this summer? Aside from belly flopping on the ocean floor, Brighton's best cocktails are your greatest ally when it comes to cooler down in the hotter months. Check out some of our favourites below.

Rasbeery: Be At One Brighton

While their happy hours will cool your bank balance right on down, and their broody neon interiors will keep you scarce of the summer sun, it's the cocktails at Be At One that are most likely to bring those core temperatures down, and turn the boozing on up. Try their frosted Raspbeery with vodka, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, crushed ice and Meantime pale ale for a breezy blend. 

favourite summer cocktails brighton

The Raspbeery at Be At One is sure to be a saviour to any of your summer moans and groans. 

Pineapple Margarita: Tempest Inn

So you don't want to jostle with a cocktail inside and want to sprawl out by the beach with one instead? Not only can you snap up some of the finest seaside seafood at Tempest Inn ('snap' up, come at me Mensa), their selection of summer cocktails are sure to quench any and all heat-induced thirsts. We've got our eyes firmly on the Pineapple Margarita prize. 

best cocktails in brighton summer

Settle down by the sea with one of the summer cocktails from Tempest Inn.

Cuban Roulette: Bohemia

While I can be full of theatrics once I get too hot, Bohemia are full of theatrics all year round thanks to their roster of some of the most unique cocktails in Brighton. While their regular menu totes smokin' flavours, broody whisky boozing and sophisticated, it's their Cuban Roulette that quenches the firmest of thirsts. Guests can expect a selection of six different mojito's the likes of coconut, mango and strawberry for £50.

bohemia brighton cocktails best

Suffer in the heat alone? Never, make 5 friends tuck in with you instead.

Tequila Mockingbird: The Cocktail Shack

Sure, we'd all like to be shacked up in some kind of hearty havana, parrot on side and vinyl player belting out our favourite roster of tracks, but if you've none of the wonga this year for such a treasure of an adventure, cool down at The Cocktail Shack instead. A cutesy cocktail plot with tin and tinkering lights to its name, sup on their Tequila Mockingbird (£9) with cucumber, Ocho tequila and agave for something fresh and fun.  

cocktail summer brighton

Pun in the sun as Tequila Mockingbird makes for the best boozy cool-down in Brighton.

The Gamma Wray: Patterns

While cooling down at the club in Patterns may not strictly be the best option on a hazy summers day, their terrace and selection of summer cocktails most definitely are. If you're feeling all kinds of parched at Patterns then your best bet for survival is most likely the Gamma Wray (£7.90) with Appletons rum, lime, sugar, coconut water and nutmeg.

top summer cocktails in brighton

Patterns may be club forward, but they're cocktail cool to boot.