Brighton is no stranger to street food, not with Street Diner giving it welcome small-plate welly, but where else can you snag some of the best? Coming 'a' cropper across town in a multitude of pop-up spaces, these 5 street food stalls in Brighton have been hailed as exemplary. Check out our favourites when it comes to street food in Brighton and purse those lips for the ultimate road-side selection of plates: 


The Troll's Pantry

It's all gobble and goblin at one of the best street food burger stalls in Brighton. Found regularly at the beloved Hobgoblin and churning out patties that'd make your nan weep, Troll's Pantry promise produce from small, local farms, go organic when they can and make everything from scratch. Tease yourself with their Trollkano, a mix of St Giles cheese, fresh jalapeños and their own chilli-chocolate bacon jam.

best street food stall brighton

Unique ingredients and glossy buns make up the ones of one of the best burger stalls in Brighton.

Sultan's Delights

While their make-up is catering and events through and through, you'll often see Sultan's Delights seducing town with one of their street food stalls. Host to fresh and friendly Turkish, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean chow, Sultan's Delights throw out colourful bites courtesy of hailed owner Ozgur. Authentic, rustic and brimming with character? Go see the Sultan. 

best street food in brighton

Sultan's Delights are strewn across the city, consistently delivering the finest in Mediterranean fare.

Fries Guys

I often hear about putting fries before guys, but put the two together, and you get a cool concoction that reeks of flavour and gluttony, and of street food in Brighton. Hailed as giving the town 'Loaded Fries', Fries Guys know no bounds when it comes to smothering street food chips as these gourmet inspired servings hail with dishes the likes of peanut butter and jelly fries, goat's cheese and raspberry fries, and fajita fries

where to get street food in brighton

Fries Guys serve up chips like you've never seen 'em before.


Another Brighton catering company that have been taking to town to further their street food offering is Crocus. While sure, you can snag them at a corporate party, we recommend taking to the streets for their proud paella offerings that are not only gluten free, but tread a numerous selection of flavours: chicken paella, seafood paella, mushroom paella and black paella (squid ink).

top street food in brighton

Crocus serve out Spanish street food options with their primed paellas. 

Dead Good Burrito

The hangover staple, the bulging lunchtime snack, the holy gobble grail; that's the burrito for you, and these guys are making them dead good. One of the most notable names on the Brighton street food scene, Dead Good Burrito are bold and playful combined, dosing the town on a regular roster of burrito bites and tacos. Try their Smokey Black Bean Burrito with cos lettuce, lime and coriander rice and pico de gall.

street food burrito brighton

When it comes to finding a dead good dish in Brighton, these guys have burritos covered.