Is Brighton's Most Colourful Mexican Restaurant All It's Cracked Up To Be?

la choza brighton food review

Sugar skulls and almost-neon interiors litter the venue in the best of ways. 

If you were to call La Choza anything, it wouldn't be shy, and you only have to head to Western Rd to see why. Sitting on the corner of the street (a mere 5 minutes away from the seafront), the second string to the La Choza bow is just as loud as its first with bashful pink exteriors, trimmed in neon yellow.

My husband and I visited on a biting winter's night, with the restaurant acting as perfect relief from the season thanks to the bright interiors and margarita-ready menu. I opted for a margarita with lashings of hibiscus, while my husband went for a classic. The first was perfectly tart, if not a little bitty, while the classic was a triumph of tequila and lime. 

Getting off to a strong start, only food would satiate the margarita monsters brewing within. Choosing for it all to come to the table at once, we went for nachos with tortilla chips, refried beans, jalapenos, sour cream and then some at £6 alongside corn with mayo, chilli, lime and parmesan for just £4, while my main came in the shape of a BYOB (build your own burrito) decked with crispy local fish and pico de gallo (£9)

la choza mexican restaurant brighton

Tacos come topped with expected fillings.

When I say that it was some of the best (if not some of the biggest) Mexican food i've ever had, i'm not lying. Whether it was the twang that the lime added to the mayo-enriched corn, or the fresh fish that lovingly melted alongside the pico de gallo in a beautiful and fluffy burrito bed, La Choza have managed to keep the staples as they should be, all the while adding just as much party into the flavours as they do their restaurant space.

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People can be overconfident to make up for their lack of confidence; some men buy fast cars to make up for the size of their (well, you know); but La Choza make up for nothing, simply because they don't have to. Sure, the loud and proud interiors and exteriors are quite the pill to swallow, but it's what makes this Mexican restaurant so endearing. And with flavours as big as their colour palette, I have no doubt that the love for this Brighton restaurant will live on, and live strong.