brighton west pier collapse

It's been the third wheel in wedding photos and the backdrop to many a hazy hangover, but could the Brighton West Pier be no more after a truly British battering?

While we're all sick of the most recent sog, it looks as though one Brighton patron had truly enough. Beloved, cherished and wait for it, even loathed (we know, shocking) by many Brighton residents, the West Pier was under siege from the Winter storm today.

Giving way to the waves, a large proportion of this Brighton heritage site was taken away to sea, now leaving a significant gap in this 'Instagrammable' gem. From the fires that once raged it back in 2003 to the storms that now bore it, many question whether the ol' West Pier should stay around at all or to re-build an entirely new entertainment complex. And while we love the battered nipper in its weathered form, what do you think?