blind tiger club bitcoin birmingham

Money can't buy you love, but Bitcoins can now buy you beer. Blind Tiger Club have become the first bar in Brighton to introduce the technologically savvy payment style into their midst. 

While many people are still coming to terms with the fact that you can buy a wheelbarrow on the internet, one Brighton bar has rolled out a method of payment that has ignited controversy over recent years.

A virtual currency boasting a finite number, Bitcoins have no bank, they have no master, but they can most certainly buy beer. The first bar in Brighton to host such a payment method, the kitsch cavern that is Blind Tiger Club now accept this tech savvy style of computerised cash for anyone willing to deposit them behind the bar. Said to finally start to peak after the 2009 financial crisis and now something of a hipster alternative, could Bitcoins now become our cocktail currency?