alcohol free pub in brighton

To drink, to socialise, to oggle the lovely chap behind the bar; we all have our reasons for going to the pub, but what if one of them were no longer there?

He may be famous for his role as Curly Watts in sofa surfer drama paradise Coronation Street, but Kevin Kennedy is making news for many other reasons this week. A recovering alcoholic in the midst of Dry January, Kevin Kennedy has announced plans to open an alcohol free bar in Brighton, that's right folks, alcohol free. Hoping to give those with subsequent drinking problems a place to enjoy the thrill of a pub enviroment without the temptations, Kennedy Street is set to boast the same atmosphere as any Brighton boozer, just with a few differing liquid incentives including coffee, tea and mocktails. 

But what's your opinion....could a pub survive on charming banter and atmosphere alone, do you think they need hop infused treats to survive and are they beneficial to those with harbouring alcohol issues? Answers on a postcard.....