A Brand New Rooftop Restaurant Is Coming To Brighton

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

New Brighton Rooftop Restaurant

An illustration as to what this fancy new venue could look like. 

Everyone knows that Brighton boasts some of the best views in the biz, but up until now there’s been a distinct lack of places to enjoy them (especially if you want to do so whilst tucking in to some top-notch grub). Luckily, that’s about to change, with the addition of a brand new sky-high restaurant, complete floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views of the town’s stunning seascape. Rejoice rooftop-lovers everywhere.

The new development is still in its very early stages but has been given the green light by the powers that be (also known as the city councillors). Designed by local architects, Stickland Wright, this new 100 ft tall venue will have a central bar and outdoor terrace with enough space to seat 136 diners. 

There's no news as to who will be taking up residence in this fancy new spot, but with Brighton’s food scene booming, we’re in no doubt that this place is going to be pretty special indeed.

After all, the only way is up.

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