Twisted Lemon - Cocktail Bar Review

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By Katie Kirwan.

There's glory to be found at the bottom of a martini glass when a cocktail happy hour at the Twisted Lemon is so supreme. But aside from budget friendly bias, The Twisted Lemon is a delicious little nook in the heart of The Lanes where fanciful flavours and local punters reign supreme.  

The Venue

If there's one thing I liked about scurrying my way to Twisted Lemon, it's their booming yellow alleyway entrance; and whilst i'm a young woman and should steer clear of alleyways on regular occasions (as should all), there were cocktails to be had at the end of this yellow brick road. 

A simple two floor venue with a main bar on the ground floor, walking into the Twisted Lemon felt more like walking into your pals humble abode. With contemporary tables and of course, a yellow hue, to the glittering of fairy lights behind the bar and a sour yellow courtyard out back, the Twisted Lemon may not win any awards for bold creativity, but since when did all bars need their upholstery to serve a delicious drink? Exactly. 

 twisted lemon bar review brighton

The Twisted Lemon may be a venue of simple interiors, but it's charming enough that you'll let the lack of oddities slide.

The Drinks

Ladies and gents, my cocktail tasted like banoffee pie and therefore I am ready to leave this plain. With a Banoffee Pie Martini in hand (I've mentioned that haven't I?), perusing over the Twisted Lemon's cocktail list threw up some sweet surprises, literally. From a Cherry Mash Sour and Chambord smothered Lemon Tree to your classic Sloe Gin Fizz, the Twisted Lemon have a far better cocktail list than they're letting on. And what when they have a cocktail hour between 12-9pm every Sunday-Friday that means these sweet beauties start from a mere £3.95, the Twisted Lemon makes the rattling change in your pocket worthwhile. 

twisted lemon cocktails brighton

Boasting a top notch menu of tipples and creative concoctions, the Twisted Lemon is coming up trumps when it comes to cocktails.

The Atmosphere

What was clear about The Twisted Lemon is that it's a locals bar through and through, and whilst many may consider the thought hiss at me and call me something of an out of towner, there was no such hysterical behaviour at this cocktail bar. Friendly and inviting, just as your mothers warn you Brighton to be, The Twisted Lemon may have been brimming with local students and young 20 somethings clocking off from a hard days grind, but they certainly didn't make me feel out of place. It's also good to note that this place picks up a little later on in the evening, so even if you did want a little bar staff banter, it's best to aim for a post-6pm visit i'd say!

twisted lemon cocktail bar brighton review

It may be a bar of local students and young 20 somethings, but it's friendly and charming all night long, ALL NIGHT.


I'm no Mystic Meg and by crystal ball certainly doesn't shimmer with the names of your future children, but if I can tell you something for nothing, it's that the Twisted Lemon is charming, it's tasty, it's certainly not going to break the bank and it's going on all my future Christmas card lists. You go Glen Coco.