The Mesmerist - Bar Review

By Katie Kirwan.

When you walk past a piece of taxidermy do you skip with peculiar glee? When you glaze over a cocktail list do you foam at the chops? Then you best keep your ears pinned back for the story we have to tell about The Mesmerist, a gem of Brighton bar to be found in The Lanes.

The Venue

If I had the time, the resources, the know how and a stack load of cash I don't doubt that my house would look something like The Mesmerist, but at least for now it's there to keep me swooning. From vintage furniture entrenched in deep mahogany tones and a black and white photo booth to a giant papier maché octopus behind the downstairs bar, I wanted everything and I wanted it now. Split between floors and boasting a multitude of gloriously gloomy nooks, The Mesmerist maintain their Twentieth century theme throughout, whether you're perched on a chesterfield next to their cabinet of Victorian wonders downstairs or nestled in a broody booth on the second floor, they've cracked Sherlock chic.

Mesmerist Brighton Bar Review

Take a trip back through time to the Twentieth Century as The Mesmerist promise some of coolest vintage sourced furniture and knick knacks in the city.

The Drinks

Yes, yes, The Mesmerist of course stock your usual criminals: local ales on rotation, a bountiful wine menu and champagne at around £20 for the discerning drinker, but I was making headway for the cocktail list and no one was going to stand in my way. Made from scratch, The Mesmerist have a fun filled selection of classics and Mesmerist cocktails creations to boot, at only £5 a pop (I nearly flung my purse at the bar man in thanks). Opting for the 'Amaretto Cherry Sour' and my drinking chum knocking back a stein filled glass of 'Ginger Brew', ginger biscuits included, my cockles were warmed with the sweet taste of Cherry Drops; The Mesmerist, you win.

Brighton Mesmerist Cocktails

Cocktails with cracking little additions and nostalgic flavours? You can bet The Mesmerist boast them.

The Atmosphere

Whilst Thursdays may not be the new Fridays at a bar like The Mesmerist, I'd more than recommend heading down for a pre-weekend tipple as it's bustling enough to keep you chirpy. Great for those who like to avoid a little elbow pushing at the bar, The Mesmerist on a Thursday night was teaming with local punters, regulars and out of towners the like, be them creative young 20 somethings or chaps just looking for a good beer, you'll be able to grab a great seat and enjoy yourself while you're there. There's also a little air of mystery to The Mesmerist, thanks to their interiors no doubt, that make this a rather romantic joint for date tipples.

Brighton Quirky Bar Mesmerist

Whilst party antics are sure to be rife come sundown on a weekend at The Mesmerist, weekdays are reserved for cool laid back drinks.


Just because I like my furniture worn, my knick knacks of a vintage persuasion and my cocktails creative, don't think me bias. The Mesmerist is truly a unique bar in Brighton that not only utilises the city's independent spirit, it takes it hand in hand skipping back to the 1930s. If you like broody atmospheres and quirky punters, this is the bar for you, certainly was for me.